How To Get Free Diapers

Diapers is one of the biggest expenses for new parents.  Fortunately there’s help!  Companies often offer free diapers as part of their rewards program.  Here are a few ways to get free diapers:

1.  Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards.  This is a program directly from the Huggies website.  Every time you purchase a Huggies product and completing online activities on their website, you get rewards points in which you can later redeem for free stuff and enter sweepstakes.  Stock up on points and you can get tons of free stuff from their catalog.

2.  Pampers Gifts to Grow.  Much like the Huggies rewards program, Pampers also offer Gift to Grow points where you can collect and redeem.  Gift rewards include, diapers, baby food, toys, and much more.  Gift items will take between 8-10 weeks to arrive and is totally worth it!

3.  Physician’s office and Hospitals.  If you’re in a financial crisis and cannot afford diapers, don’t be afraid to give your doctor’s office or local hospital a call.  They usually have a ton of samples on hand and will not hesitate to help you any way they can.  They may also be able to sign up you for clubs and organizations that can help you with your situation.