Microsoft OneNote Experience

OneNote Online Shoppers! We wanted to bring you our review of the Microsoft OneNote. It’s a quick and easy software that makes sharing easy. For experienced couponers, this can making shopping more organized and help you map out deals!

OneNote is a software which enable users to take, manage notes, and share with others with ease. No more lugging around an annoying note pad, all of the information you need and want can be captured electronically. You can use for school, work, or personal projects. Downloads are available for Mac, PC, and all other devices.  Get yours here!

Saving Big at Large Stores

Savings and coupons are nothing new for experienced shoppers.  Most of us do our research and cut our coupons before we ever step food inside.  Sometimes as shoppers we get overwhelmed at these big retail stores but it’s best to stop and take a look around.  There are ways you can improve and still save big at these retail chains.

Here are some of our best tips for saving BIG at the major chains:

  • Preparation – Before even stepping into your car you should make a list of all the items that are necessities.  It’s best to separate out which are essential and which of the items are non-essential.  This will come in handy and keep you in check when shopping
  • Price Matching is Golden – Most shoppers don’t know but many of these major retailers price match.  Stores are now changing the way they operate to retain customer loyalty and that includes price matching and even pricing beating.  Make note of which stores will work hard for your business.
  • GroceryCouponsExpiring Items – This one is one of our favorites for items like Tylenol or paper towels.  Items may be categorized as expired for a number of reasons so it’s best to check the when use by date and see if you can find a deal.
  • Clearance! Clearance! Clearance! – For retail stores, the out of season items or clearance items can save you upwards of 70% on your items.  Usually stores will have a huge selection of clearance or marked down items and it’s always best to check there for extra savings.

Rite Aid Deals

For Rite Aid shoppers, there’s a huge selection of savings! Not many people know but there’s a whole section of their site dedicated to free printable coupons they offer. Simply click and print to find good Rite Aid Deals!


Your Free Coupons Resource

Looking for great deals and coupons? You’ve come to the right place. No need to rampage through the Sunday paper for coupons, CouponsLocal has a large coupons database that will satisfy any coupons lovers’ appetite. For printable coupons, simply browse through our collection, click on the coupons you want, install the printer, print your coupons straight from your computer, then use it in store. It’s that easy!

In addition to grocery and printable coupons, we also have a huge database of coupon codes available. Promotion codes are provided by each individual retailer as an incentive for users to shop at their online store. Users can often find great deals if they know where to look. From free shipping to 50% off your entire purchase, the savings can be tremendous. Next time you shop online, make sure to have a coupon code ready to enter at checkout.

Stock Up on Everyday Items

household items

Some items will always be of use and has no expiration date so don’t be afraid to stock up whenever you see a sale.  We’ve compiled a list of general everyday items that you should always buy as many possible when you find a good deal.

Laundry Detergent
Paper Towels/Napkins
Toilet Paper
Trash Bags
Dryer sheets
Water bottles
Shaving cream

Click here to check for coupons on the items above.